Repairing the Steam Room & Sauna – June Update

Ah the steam room saga. Probably the issue which is taking up the most amount of management’s time on a daily basis! We’ve had a lot of feedback about this and appreciate that obviously members are disappointed that this is out of order. We wanted to be open and honest with everyone, so you know what to expect and when it will be up and running again


The pipes. As you can tell from the area, the Templars Square Shopping Centre that we are located above is an old building, which is about to be completely renovated as part of the larger area. This means that unfortunately the plumbing is also old, throughout the building. As more and more dirt and dust is deposited in the pipes from the renovation of the Hockmore Tower behind us, it’s put massive pressure on the internal pipe work in the centre. This has had a knock on effect at the club, and steam rooms are notoriously fussy. Imagine all that boiling hot steam being pumped into a room nearly 24/7 and then draining away through the pipes all the time! It takes its toll, and any blockage along the way has serious repercussions.

This led to eventually the water from the steam room to stop draining properly, and damaged the generator and tiling/water seals in the steam room. This is why we’ve had to close the steam room down whilst we flush pipes, re-seal and renovate.


We’re working hard to clear out the pipes all the way to the main Council drain to enable the steam room to operate properly. We’re working through the night when the club is closed every night (a few people have mentioned they don’t see any work going on…) and are making great progress. Unfortunately some of these pipes are outside our control -> hence the delay. However, as part of this, we’re taking the opportunity to completely renovate the room, with new seating, walls and an upgraded generator for a more stable temperature. It will be beautiful when we’re finished, we promise.


We’re looking at 2-3 weeks to complete the pipe flush and get the room done. We really do apologise for the delay, but are working on something special by way of a thank you to all members affected. Stay tuned!


This was an electrical problem caused by the problems in draining water from the steam room (health and safety!). The sauna will be operational again imminently.

Most importantly, a big thank you to all our members for their patience whilst we upgrade and improve the club. We wouldn’t be here without you, and please do come and give us feedback about anything you don’t like or hopefully that you love!

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