Clean Genie staff affiliation

All Clean Genie employees are entitled to a 50% off Feel Fit Gym Membership and can sign up for this via the registration form below. If you register a membership 50% will be covered by Clean Genie and the remaining 50% will be deducted from your monthly wages through your employer. Depending on what date you start your membership will determine your initial pro rata amount. Pro Rata is calculated when you join part way through a month and will be added on to your 1st monthly bill

To work out pro rata please follow the calculation formula below:

Full Membership monthly price / how many days there are in the month x how many days left in the month 

Then divided this figure into 2 (50% clean genie discount) and this will be added to your 1st monthly bill for the days used prior to the next full month payment.


Feel Fit Gym Membership rEGISTRATION