Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach

A client once told me:

“Ben, do you know why I like training with you… it’s because I know every morning your goal is to become an expert in your field so you can help your members reach their best” and this is what I strive for, daily. 

Why I coach people:

Living an unhealthy lifestyle has a negative impact on our bodies both physically and mentally: I’ve been there myself! The gym was a place where I could focus on me and start creating healthy habits that didn’t just help improve my fitness. Chal lenging myself created a resilience in me that has lead to success in all areas of my life. My own journey drives me to coach others to reach their fitness goals. 

Some of the common areas my members value the most are:

  • Personalised programme to deliver a specific goal. – Learning ways to reach the best body image.
  • Learning what nutrition suits their individual goals.
  • Learning about the best diet plan bespoke to each client.
  • Learning to improve mobility, develop techniques to minimise injuries.
  • Mindset coaching to create a healthier lifestyle transforming how they



Level 3 Advanced Personal Training
Level 2 and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning
Olympic Weight Lifting Specialist
British weightlifting association leaders award
Advanced strength and power training qualification


Weight/Fat Loss
Muscle Building
Mobility & Flexibility
Competition Preparation
Mindset Coaching