Personal Trainer / Strength and Conditioning Coach

My training background started with football. I played for Oxford City from the age of 7 to 19 but it was around 17 when i found my love for gym based training, I had tendonitis in my knee and had to do strength and conditioning for my rehab to get it stronger.

During this time it was difficult but training in the gym not only helped my physical appearance but my mental state as well and made me a much happier person overall. My goal is to replicate this with my clients and make you look and feel the best possible.

I am currently training to compete in powerlifting, but have trained in all elements of fitness, from sports specific power and strength, hypertrophy and also injury rehabilitation. I also have a keen interest in the recovery side of fitness like hot and cold therapy, flexibility and mobility training and also sports massage.

Why am I the trainer for you?

Me being your personal trainer is more than just you coming in once or twice a week for a session. It’s a journey that we both go on to ensure you get the results you want. Having me as your personal trainer is investiment for life, the knowledge and confidence you will gain will remain with you forever.

During our time together I will design a program that will be specific to your needs and goals. I am a very determined person and will keep you driven and motivated throughout our time together.

I will always be in contact with you to make sure you are okay and doing all the right things to get the results wanted.



Level 2 Fitness instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Sports massage
Indoor Cycling Qualified
First aid


Strength and conditioning
Sports Specific training for athletes
Muscle building (hypertrophy)
Weight loss/fat loss
Functional training